Barrier Fences



Australia 2014 is STILL building barrier fences to keep ‘vermin’ i.e. emus out of agricultural areas, directly across the bird’s migration route, the same bird that’s on our Coat of Arms!  Working with the character if the country is the obvious direction agriculture and governments should take, not simply altering a landscape to suit a market need.

“This example from Western
Australia corresponds with what’
is seen by many as a growing trend
for governments in Australia to
defend their land-use decisions by
ignoring, dismissing or contradicting
existing robust research on ecological
impacts of particular activities
(see, e.g. Fitzsimons 2012; Lindenmayer


Heres the full story;

Click to access ecological-connectivity-or-barrier-fence-critical-choices-on-the-agricultural-margins-of-western-australia.pdf

2 thoughts on “Barrier Fences”

  1. The photo does not lie, this fence has been built across a migration route and is currently being extended to fill gaps (see map Euan Ritchies
    ‘s link above). In the 1940’s the WA govt tried shooting the birds with machine guns! This fence is much more damaging to them. I am ashamed as an Australian, hence this post. Please tell others.


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