Illegal deforestation causing disastrous floods in Burma (Myanmar)

Strangely missing on Australian news reports is this catastrophic event currently underway in Myanmar. Illegal logging in upland forests together with climatic change will be a main cause according to my Burmese (forestry) Masters student and friend, O’Niell  (KYAW SEIN WIN TUN) . O’Niell flies home in one week and will be   helping his people. 11800210_821789891285429_4887739764777490511_n

Rice fields countrywide are inundated




CBD of a major center




Two storey school building




Upland flash flooding





Dam at capacity







Welcome signage to a town, note changing depth.

The site for donations on my Facebook site has been organized by Burmese students, and money is diseminated through local volunteer organizations, not through military/govt. Information can be found by ringing O’Niell on +959254454343

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