Azure kingfisher, a flying gem

Carnarvon azure kingf ariel

I photographed this sequence last week at Carnarvon gorge National Park Qld, patience and a lucky break. Words are not really necessary, but standing in the creek with camera the bird flew to within 1.5 meters, an experience of a lifetime. This bird hovers with a whirr of wings just like the hummingbird of the Americas, prior to dropping vertically when fishing

Carnarvon azure kingf best

Carnarvon azure kingf fishing2

Carnarvon azure kingf fishing3

Carnarvon azure kingf fishing4

Carnarvon azure kingf fishing

3 thoughts on “Azure kingfisher, a flying gem”

  1. Fabulous! We saw an azure kingfisher at Carnarvon too, a few years ago. I wonder if it is the same, or related to the one in your great photos?


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