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I’m involved with wildlife volunteering and artmaking concerned with human-caused species extinction and climate change.


Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2005            Rural Australians for Refugees, Geelong, Vic
  • 2006          Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne, Vic
  • 2006          Regional Artists Exhibition, Gordon Tafe, VIC
  • 2007           “Basphemy” Burrinja  Arts Centre, Melb, Vic
  • 2007            “I’m Mad As Hell” Brenda May Gallery, Sydney, NSW
  • 2008           “The Money Myth” Toyota Comm Spirit Gallery, Vic
  • 2009           ‘In Retrospect’ Gordon Tafe Gallery, Geelong
  • 2014            First Prize winner, Sculpture 14, Toyota Comm Spirit Gallery
  • 2015            ‘Sustainability Expo and Workshops’ Louis Joel Gallery and Community        Center, City of Hobsons Bay

Solo Exhibitions

  •  2005         “Truth Untruth”  The Potato Shed, Geelong, Vic
  • 2005          “Truth Untruth ”   Public  Arts event, Queenscliff VIC  
  • 2006         “Truth Untruth”   Incinerator Arts Complex, Vic
  • 2007          “Truth Untruth”  ANCA Gallery, Canberra, ACT
  • 2008          “Truth Untruth” Nexus Multicultural Arts, Adelaide, SA
  • 2009           ‘They’ll Get You’ Installation. CYArtsCentre,Vic
  • 2009           “Reload”  Level 17, (Victoria University)
  • 2009            ‘Skin Deep’ Famouswhendead Arts Space,Melb2016
  •  2016            ‘Departure Lounge’The G.R.A.I.N.Store Nathalia. Community                       Event , Residency and Workshops, Artists Talk, Exhibition
  • 2016              ‘Departure Lounge’ Louis Joel Commnity Gallery, Hobson’s Bay


  • 1983 Craft Council of Australia
  • 2006 Gordon Foundation Collection, Australia Education/Travel


  • 1968/71 Graduated  Melbourne State College  (Vietnam War conscription deferred)
  • 1973/74         Travelled and worked in Asia, Middle East & 2 yrs working Europe
  • 1985            Sessional Lecturer in Ceramics at Ballarat University
  • 1987/88          Sessional Lecturer in Ceramics at Ballarat University
  • 1992 Artist in residence at Geelong College
  • 2005 Travelled Vietnam
  • 2012 Conservation science volunteer AWC ,  feral cat device research Dr John Read
  • 2013 Conservation Science volunteer AWC,  feral cat device research Dr John Read
  • 2014 Feral cat device research .$50k initial funding approved
  • 2014 Won the Sculpture 14 Toyota Spirit prize
  • 2015 Mammal research with Dr Tim Doherty (Deakin Uni) Big Desert Nat Park Vic
  • 2015 Mammal research with Dr John Read (Adelaide Uni) Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Land
  • 2016 Mammal and reptile research with Dr Tim Doherty (Deakin Uni) Central NSW

Print Media (Truth and Untruth)

  • VALLEYPULSE Sept 18 2006 Vic
  • THE AGE A2 Sept 30 2006  Vic
  • THE AGE Weekender Magazine Sept 30 2006 Vic
  • SOUTH CHINA POST Oct 22 2006 Hong Kong
  • CANBERRA TIMES Jan 20th 2007-02-07 ACT
  • CANBERRA TIMES Feb 5th 2007 ACT
  • http://www.watcharts.com.au/toyota.html

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