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Feral Cat Device

For some years I have been discussing ideas for a remote ‘feral cat device’ with Dr John Read, University of Adelaide. Cats cause immeasurable damage to wildlife in this country and others.

Do I have to add the sad part?
Infra-red photo of bilby at burrow, cat emerges from  same burrow the following night.

Infrared night photos kindly supplied by Dr John Read,  http://www.ecologicalhorizons.com/

John was granted funding for development of a prototype and now in trial. Results so far look encouraging. The device relies on cat grooming behavior, so no trap, bait or cage is used. The device uses infrared sensors to isolate non-target species from feral and a new much more humane toxic agent is used. Having ingested the required dose, the animals falls into a drowse before passing away. Currently there is no place on mainland Australia where cat-threatened mammals can be re-introduced into the wild from fenced sanctuaries, hence the need for such a device. Here’s John’s document for the detail;

Dying to be clean