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‘Departure Lounge’ to be shown at Ecological Society Conference Adelaide Nov 2015

I was recently requested to submit some images from ‘Departure Lounge” 3D artwork (see Sculpture page on this site)  for screening at the Ecological Society of Australia Annual Conference, which begins Nov 29th. worpressl Phascogale

Here’s the blurb I wrote for the event:

“The sculpture project “Departure lounge” attempts to spotlight marsupial species threatened with extinction due to introduced predator impact and habitat loss, but also references the inherent threat human ‘requirements’ pose to their continued existence. Cardboard packaging used for consumables is employed as my medium, a material sourced from living trees, the home of many species and lungs of our planet”

It’s all still in the planning stage, but if all goes well this will be the first time I have participated in a science event….an artist in a room full of scientists, scary.