Birds, the Breakaways and Coober Pedy mineshaft raptors.

Coober Pedy has to be the most devastated but fascinating of towns in Australia.

Eview from my hotel

Having driven for hours over the gibber I was not expecting to see wildlife, but the first bird I noticed seemed totally out of place. A  tern, miles from the sea!


I have put this one down as a Whiskered Tern, non-breeding Chlidonias hybrida . 


Then a kingfisher! Miles from water. I was too far away for species ID, but it was probably a red-backed which does follow inland water courses.

Ezebra finches

Zebra finches and….


galahs were easy to see


especially early in the day.

A day drive to the Breakaways, due east of Coober was not to be missed.

EBreakaways Coober Breakaways Coober10 Breakaways Coober9 Breakaways Coober6

Views from the top of the escarpment looks down to Moon Plain, a  place where Woma pythons hunt Gile’s Planigales in the clay cracks. Woma, a beautiful creature, have deceased in population by 50% in the last 10 years and now on the IUCN red list as critically endangered.

Nankeen Kestrel however were in large numbers, they use dis-used mine shafts for roosting and breeding.

raptor 2

This one was riding the updaught with his mates for hours while I walked the clifftop.

Only a few hundred more kilometers and I would be in APY Lands.


2 thoughts on “Birds, the Breakaways and Coober Pedy mineshaft raptors.”

  1. Hi Peter,
    When did you leave Melbourne for this destination?
    ps. It was lovely seeing you both again before Xmas.
    Let’s do it again in a year…or maybe less.
    But I’ll know more of you adventures via this mode.
    Julie Brand Xx


    1. Hi Julie, I left early in November and took a week getting to Coober. I was with Dr John Read for a week in APY Lands then took a week to get home. I have been posting what I saw on the trip in between other posts. Currently busy making huge ‘rocks’ for Melb International Flower & Garden Show for early March. Highly influence by Musgrave range (photos next post). I will also post on our sculpture progress etc. Peter x


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